Frequently Asked Questions

The majority do yes.

If the results depend on core biopsy examination then they will generally be provided in two to three working days.

Yes, our specialist clinical consultants review each patient at each testing stage, providing information, guidance and care.

No, we provide diagnostic testing for all patients from low to high risk.

Our service model is designed to ensure that patients only under take the tests that are necessary to achieve a diagnosis.

No, we provide diagnostic testing.

All patients reports are provided to the referring doctor for specialist referral.

While we do not provide surgical services, we can provide a specialist list if requested.

No, we generally schedule appointments within two weeks and make urgent appointments if required.

No, our team of clinical consultants, breast physicians, radiologists and pathologists collaboratively make a multidisciplinary diagnosis.

There is never only one set of eyes reviewing the results, it more than likely to be two or three.

Our service model is to provide all diagnostic testing to our patients in one day, with same day results.

The costs associated with this model are comparable to those when you undertake testing at multiple sites over several days or weeks.

Written results will be provided within five working days. However if a patient requires urgent attention our breast physician will call you on the day of the patients appointment.

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