Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however please provide at least 48 hours notice.

Payment is made on the day of testing, we accept all major credit cards

No, we provide diagnostic testing for all patients from low to high risk.

Our service model is designed to ensure that patients only undertake the tests that are necessary to achieve a diagnosis.

After each test your medical specialist will provide you with the results, and explain them to you.

They will let you know what further tests are required, if any, and why they are recommended.

As each patient’s requirements are different, there is no set time, however we suggest it could take between two and six hours.

Yes, however your breasts may be more sensitive than usual.

No, we are a diagnostic clinic.

All results are provided to your GP or referring doctor who will refer you to a specialist if required.

No, we generally schedule appointments within two weeks and make urgent appointments if required.

No, our team of clinical consultants including breast physicians, radiologists and pathologists collaboratively make a diagnosis.

There is always more than one, often two or three health professionals analysing your results.

Our service model is to provide all diagnostic testing to our patients in one day, with same day results.

The costs associated with this model are comparable to those when you undertake testing at multiple sites over several days or weeks.

No, there is a Medicare reimbursement for all tests.

You may experience some slight discomfort with your mammogram or needle biopsy (if required). However our team are skilled at minimising discomfort.

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