Our care team

Providing our patients with a high level of care is a key focus.

We recognise that undergoing breast assessment is stressful and our team are dedicated to providing patients with information and support, from the start of the journey with us.

Our multidisciplinary medical specialist team consisting of clinical consultants including breast physicians, radiologists and pathologists, have a collaborative approach to our patients care.

They work together with radiographers and sonographers to assess results and make a diagnosis.

Our patients can have peace of mind knowing their results have been double and even triple checked.

Each of our patients will be provided with a specialist nurse at the start of their appointment. She will be available to support them throughout each of their required tests.

Meet our team

Clinical Consultants

  • Dr Elisabeth Rippy, Clinical Director
  • Dr Anthony Chambers
  • Dr John Niesche
  • Dr Margaret Pooley
  • Dr Frank Stenning
  • Dr April Wong

Breast Physicians

  • Dr Lauren Arnold, Senior Breast Physician
  • Dr Justine Johnston
  • Dr Naomi McIntyre
  • Dr Margo McKern
  • Dr Katrina Tiller
  • Dr Mary Rickard, Chief Radiologist
  • Dr Steve Blome
  • Dr Natacha Borecky
  • Dr Jyotsna Kunduri
  • Dr Elizabeth Lim
  • Dr Marian Roberts
  • Dr Sophia Zadelis
  • Cynthina Brunsdon
  • Elaine Charles
  • Samantha Cole
  • Felicity Hoolihan
  • Carolyn Hummerston
  • Elizabeth Kenning
  • Louisa Lau
  • Amy (Ho) Leung
  • Jill Miller
  • Susie Riddington
  • Diana Robinson
  • Lynda Slade
  • Louise Smalley
  • Uta Steiling
  • Teena Vicaretti
  • Fatme Youssef

  • Vashti Duncombe
  • Louise Langley
  • Diane Oakes

Angela Perrin
Practice Manager

Ethna Page
Team Leader

Michael Nguyen
Clinical Services Manager

Lisa Dean

Katie John

Vimala Rajah

Vivienne Roditis

Dushianthi Thirimanne

Jesse Whieldon

Carmen Zabarte

Terry Firth

Our Assistance

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