The New Owners Tony Noun & Jayne Shaw

Ownership and Management

Cancer Care Diagnostics
SBC is pleased to announce it is now under the ownership of Cancer Care Diagnostics (part of the Cancer Care Partners group). The new owners are looking forward to continuing the provision of high quality, patient-centred care.

Co-Owners, Jayne Shaw & Tony Noun
Jayne Shaw is a co-founder and Chair of BCAL Diagnostics, investigating breast cancer diagnosis by blood sample, and has returned to SBC as co-owner with Dr Tony Noun. Jayne is an experienced healthcare and business leader and holds a number of board positions with particular interest in women’s health initiatives. Tony is the founder, Chair and CEO of Cancer Care Associates and the Cancer Care Research Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation. Tony also holds a number of Board positions and is committed to research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Medical Director, Mary Rickard
Professor Rickard, a radiologist, is SBC’s Medical Director. She was instrumental in the development of BreastScreen Australia and has been awarded an AM for service to medicine for population screening for early breast cancer detection and for professional education.

Clinical Operations Manager, Jill Miller
Jill, a registered nurse and radiographer, had ten years’ experience as State Radiographer for BreastScreen NSW before joining SBC. With her comprehensive understanding of breast imaging and of the full range of SBC services, she now oversees clinical operations.

Office Manager, Faiza Asad
Faiza, a graduate in psychology, has a certificate in Business Administration. Her past work with product marketing and sales and her extensive experience with customer service and IT management enable her to now head up the SBC administrative team.

Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM)

SBC will soon offer CEM with tomography. We believe by adding this service in addition to conventional mammography with tomography, we can offer your patients the best possible approach to breast disease diagnosis.

CEM refers to mammography imaging that is performed after an intravenous injection of contrast agent. A rapid series of images produces conventional mammogram images and contrast only images, which help  distinguish normal and abnormal breast appearances. Results from comparative studies show that CEM diagnostic accuracy is equal to that of breast MRI.

Patients who may benefit from CEM include those with:

  • High risk
  • Dense breast tissue
  • Equivocal mammography/ultrasound findings
  • Pre-operative staging requirements
  • Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy monitoring
  • MRI contraindications, such as ferromagnetic implants, claustrophobia, or inability to lie prone.

BCAL Diagnostics 

SBC is pleased to be associated with BCAL Diagnostics and to contribute to its important research. BCAL is developing a novel method for early diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer by assessing a number of lipids within blood samples.

The test aims to be simple, safe, cost effective, accurate and available to all women regardless of age, race and geographic location.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women worldwide, and its incidence is increasing. Improving the effectiveness of screening, diagnosis and management will bring benefit to many women.

Patients attending SBC are offered the opportunity to discuss the BCAL study further with the on-site Clinical Research Associate and to donate a blood sample for ongoing BCAL research.

Volpara Health 

Excellent quality mammography is critical for accurate breast disease diagnosis. Our radiographers’ skills in breast positioning are monitored using Volpara’s Breast Health Platform. which is an AI powered software assessing the quality features of each mammogram image.

We are proud to report that Volpara ‘scores’ for SBC staff in 2022 rated them as the first in Australia and NZ for overall quality and positioning and fourth globally for overall quality.

Volpara’s Breast Health Platform also provides SBC with a reliable, accurate estimate of breast density for every patient. Breast density is a measurement of the amount of fibroglandular tissue in the breast. It is a critical contributor to an individual’s breast cancer risk and can reduce the accuracy of mammography by obscuring cancers on the mammogram. Estimation of breast density is critical in guiding SBC’s approach to the use of ultrasound and for the estimation of individual patient breast cancer risk.


SBC values referrals from all new and long-standing referrers. The clinic’s aim is to provide “peace of mind” by offering a same-day service that includes clinical examination, mammography and ultrasound imaging, and needle biopsy as required. Results are available and discussed with all patients on the same day.

SBC offers a full range of investigations for both screening patients at increased risk of breast cancer, and for symptomatic patients.

To make our services as affordable as possible, SBC is able to process Medicare claims on the day of service for patients who present with a compliant referral.

In order for a referral to comply with Medicare requirements, it must state the reason for referral. The reason for referral could be patient symptoms or clinical signs, or a significant family or personal history of breast cancer. Referrals need to include requests for all Triple Test components: clinical, imaging and pathology services.

Our referral template is available to download at or call
02 8251 4000 for hard copies.

Request for Breast Assessment

  • +/- Clinical Breast Examination
  • +/- Mammography/Tomography
  • +/- Contrast Enhanced Mammography
  • +/- Ultrasound
  • +/- FNA / Core Biopsies